National SEO Cheshire & Manchester

If you’ve spent any time investigating why some websites wind up at the top of search engine results and others are buried on page 24 of those same results you’ve no doubt stumbled across the mysterious acronym SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the process by which information is created, organized and deployed online to make it more attractive to search engines. There are different types of SEO campaigns for companies with different reach.

With a local SEO campaign the focus is on getting your business listed in as many places as possible. These listings should be relevant to and/or include the local postcode, city name and even neighbourhood name (think Soho). Keywords should be rich in local references as well, so should title tags. Other elements of a local SEO campaign would include Facebook and Google Places.

The Difference Between Local and National SEO

A national campaign utilizes many of the essential elements of a local campaign but ranking nationally can be much more difficult. While a local SEO campaign might utilize a keyword phrase like “solar energy Soho” effectively a national campaign may have little use for a keyword phrase like “solar energy UK” simply because of the sheer number of competitors nationally all using the same phrase. So, what to do?

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    Getting Started
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    Putting Things in Motion
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    Follow Through
The first step in developing a national SEO campaign involves assessing every aspect of your current online presence via a SWOT analysis. During this process we take the measure of your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats as they relate to the Internet in general and your competitors in particular. Citations, link building activity, directory prevalence and more are examined for effectiveness before moving on to the next phase.
With the SWOT analysis complete your website is reworked to make optimal use of existing elements and, if need be, introduce new content. Keyword analysis performed earlier will guide the creation of new, rank-checked keyword phrases and both onpage elements (meta tags etc) and offpage elements (inbound links, their volume, IP origin etc) will be optimized. In addition a Google+ page will be created to dispense relevant information about your product or service and leverage Google maps.
If your national SEO campaign is left unattended after launch any boost you experience initially will gradually diminish and your site will slide back down the search page results from whence it came. Follow-up is crucial to maintaining your website’s relevance to search engines like Google who both crave and reward fresh content. Therefore, once your SEO campaign has been set in motion we’ll get to work on a link building and content creation campaign to keep your website in its new, prominent search results position.

The Internet has gone a long way toward undermining the viability of traditional marketing. More often than not the company that thrives in cyberspace is not the one with the biggest advertising budget but rather the one with the most effective local or national SEO campaign. The fact is more than 90% of online activity begins with a search. The companies that thrive in the new environment understand this and allocate their resources accordingly.

With search engines refining their algorithms to deliver results with a greater local focus national SEO campaigns need to take heed and integrate local SEO principles. Without the right team handling your campaign your website could quickly find itself wallowing in the backwaters of the Internet instead of sailing confidently toward your goals. Call EMM Solutions today on 0161 941 1130 to find out how we can take your website to the top.