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Crabtree UV | Benford UV

Breathe New Life into Metal Printing: Unveiling Crabtree UV by Benford UV

Metal printing demands precision, durability, and vibrant colors. Thankfully, Benford UV’s Crabtree UV systems rise to the challenge, offering a powerful solution for printers worldwide.

Engineered for Excellence: The Crabtree UV line boasts a rich heritage, meticulously developed over decades of experience. Benford UV has fine-tuned these systems to deliver optimal curing performance for metal substrates, ensuring inks adhere flawlessly and colors shine with brilliance.

From Conventional to Cutting-Edge: Choose from conventional UV lamps, known for their reliability and affordability, or embrace the future with LED options. Benford UV’s LED systems offer energy efficiency, lower heat generation, and longer lamp life, making them an eco-conscious choice.

Tailored to Your Needs: The beauty of Crabtree UV lies in its versatility. Benford UV offers a variety of lamp configurations, including under-cure, over-cure, and set-stack lamps, allowing you to customize the system to your specific printing needs and press setup.

Beyond the System: Benford UV’s commitment extends beyond just the technology. They provide expert advice, seamless installation, and reliable support, ensuring your Crabtree UV system operates at peak performance for years to come.

Ready to elevate your metal printing game? Embark on a journey of vibrant colors, exceptional durability, and efficient production with Crabtree UV by Benford UV. Contact them today and unlock the potential of your metal printing!

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