Paxton Access Control Door Entry System

Paxton Access Control Systems for Schools | Service Telecom

Secure and Streamlined: Why Your School Needs Paxton Access Control with Service Telecom

Forget lost keys and fumbling for fobs. Elevate your school’s security and efficiency with Paxton Access Control systems, expertly installed and supported by Service Telecom. It’s time to ditch outdated systems and embrace a smarter, safer future.

Paxton’s wireless technology eliminates cumbersome wiring, making installation a breeze. Sleek access readers on doors grant entry via keycards, smartphones, or even fingerprints. Imagine teachers effortlessly unlocking classrooms, parents receiving automated visitor alerts, and administrators managing access levels with a few clicks.

But Paxton is more than just door control. Integrate it with your existing school software for attendance tracking, emergency lockdown procedures, and even automated lighting and heating adjustments. The possibilities are endless.

And because safety is paramount, Paxton delivers robust security features. Track user activity, set time-based access restrictions, and receive instant alerts for unauthorized attempts. Service Telecom will ensure your system adheres to the strictest security standards, giving you peace of mind.

Don’t just secure your school, streamline it. Service Telecom will design and implement a Paxton Access Control system that meets your unique needs and budget. Contact us today and unlock a safer, smarter, and more connected learning environment for your students, staff, and visitors.

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