UV curing systems

UV Curing Systems | Benford UV

UV Curing Systems | Benford UV

Unlock the Power of UV Printing with Benford UV

If you’re a print professional seeking faster turnaround, increased versatility, and brilliant results, consider incorporating UV curing systems into your workflow. Benford UV is a leader in UV and LED UV technology, offering solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Why UV Curing?

  • Instant Drying: UV inks cure almost immediately under ultraviolet light, eliminating wait times and accelerating production.
  • Diverse Substrates: Print confidently on a wide range of materials, including plastics, foils, and heat-sensitive substrates.
  • Vibrant Finishes: Achieve stunning colors, high-gloss effects, and intricate details with UV-cured inks.
  • Environmental Benefits: LED UV systems offer substantial energy savings and reduced environmental impact compared to traditional methods.

Benford UV Advantage

Benford UV systems are designed for reliability and flexibility. Their modular solutions easily integrate with various printing presses. They offer both traditional and cutting-edge LED UV technologies, along with their innovative Dual UV™ systems for curing both standard and low-energy inks.

Experience the difference that UV curing can make for your print business. Explore Benford UV’s range of systems and discover the possibilities.

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